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Cordoba: Fast and Easy D365F&O DevOps

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management
TFVC DevOps Made Easy

DevOps cycle

Whether you’re a seasoned Dynamics 365 devops or just starting out, Cordova empowers you to do your chores in significantly less time and communicate them effectively to your D365F&O implementation team.

Fast and Easy Code Promotions

Seamless movement of code across different environments. Be it from development to testing, testing to staging, or any other promotion. Fast promotion capabilities play a pivotal role in ensuring efficient and reliable code deployments.

DevOps Auditing Capabilities

Keep a complete record of your code promotions and corrections. Keep a record of all the conflicts that have occurred and how they have been solved.

Team Communications

Say goodbye to manual copying and pasting. Our system ensures that promotions and code changes are communicated swiftly and accurately within your D365 implementation team. No more room for error, just efficient collaboration and reliable information flow.

Repository Testing After Code Promotions

Verify your repository changes before running a pipeline or creating a package. Verify several branches in a single environment without having to remap or create additional expensive VMs just for compilation purposes.

Easy Error Corrections

Rollback, discard and force merge changesets at blazing speeds. Again, no more copying and pasting.

Task and Changeset Editing

Quickly and efficiently link or unlink changesets to tasks. Edit the changeset comments, or the task descriptions. Do it in batch for several items at time.

Fast and Easy Code Promotions

To merge code in Cordova: simply go to a merge candidates form, select all the changesets you want to promote (they don’t have to be consecutive) and click on the green merge button in the toolbar.

If during the merge operation the system encounters merge conflicts, you will be presented with an easy-to-follow conflicts screen.

After a few seconds your merge operation will finish, and you will be presented with a summary of your merge operation.

DevOps Auditing Capabilities

Each code merge performed in our system is meticulously documented and logged. This ensures that we maintain a comprehensive record of all changes made during the merging process.

Team Communications

Each grid within the system can be effortlessly converted into an HTML table. This feature proves especially useful when communicating changes to stakeholders involved in your Dynamics 365 implementation project via widely-used email software.

Cordova: Fast and Easy D365F&O DevOps Trial

You can test try Cordova for 30-days, just:

  • 1. Download the latest version of Cordova from this link.
  • 2. Install Cordova on your local or cloud hosted D365F&O development VM. For detailed instructions on how to configure Cordova watch this video.

After the initial 30-day trial period, if you want to purchase licenses, follow these steps (you will need elevated permissions so you might have to ask your system administrator):

If you require any assistance, experience problems or if you have questions or comments send us an e-mail to Our regular support services include answering questions about the existing functionality of our software, general suggestions and expedited bug fixing. Regular support requires competency in the technology and development environment being used (Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Visual Studio and Azure DevOps).